Sunday, 22 February 2015


There are two kinds of solstice. Summer solstice and Winter solstice. Around 10 o'clock (PM) on the 21st  of December was winter solstice: The longest night and after that it stops being so dark again and then eventually it's summer solstice and after that it gets darker and darker until winter solstice. Winter solstice is when the north (or the top of the planet) is facing furthest away from the sun so it also means it is the darkest if you live north of the Equator but if you live south it's probably extremely bright. Summer solstice is the opposite. When we lived in Finland it was a big thing because as you see, it gets very dark there and the day can sometimes last only a matter of a few hours. We would have a solstice party on the 22nd to celebrate the sun coming back and it did mean a lot to us and our friends. We would have the party at 10 am as that was when sun rise was but since we moved to England ( a year a go) we still have it at 10 am because none of us (except for Ernest my little brother) would be capable of getting out of bed at 6 am. though  I found a picture on the internet of Winter in the north while summer in the south. You also get equinox. Spring and Autumn,  That's when the planet is completely strait and the heat is acutely balanced out. although not completely acutely because the equator since the world is a spear, is still closest to the sun.

I post this cos I find it rather interesting and I hope others do to.


P.S In my last post I sayd that next would be a post called the Mad scientists but that has not got any were:)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I made this video of my 2 little rabbits ( not so little) hope you like it

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Trick or Treat????

On Halloween I went to my friends house who was having a Halloween party. We did trick or treating but it was really strange.  Go to peoples doors and demand for sweets. Mum told me that in Scotland, they do guising. Guising is like Trick or Treating but you actually need to do some kind of trick example: practise a poem, a song, put on a mini play or tell a joke, so you actually earn your sweets. For Halloween I dressed up as a black cat, I thought "oh well every one's going to be witches, Vampires, Dracula and so on but I'l be a cat! but of course thee was like 4 people dressed up as cats at the party!                                        
              Home from the Party        

We snuggled up after the trick or treating and watched a movie called The Adams Family and it was really funny.
When we got home from the Party I was exhausted. it was about 10.15 pm. It was really funny when I took my hair down and it was really wavy.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Since my blogg post called magical birthdae allot has changed. I no longer live in Finland but I live in England. We had a road trip in our 35 year old lada, Kitty, and we drove from Finland to England. We lived in a camp site for I'm not sure how long. (but quit long)Then unfortunately we had to sell Kitty.  We moved temporarily to Scotland and lived with my grand parents ,Gran and Gordo, but in February, I mean January, we moved back to England.

   Now I have lots of friends here and we all home educate. When I say all I mean a big group of home educators who meet up every week, set up workshops ( I like drama and science ) but I do still go to work shops that are on on the week ends or the evenings that are not just for home educators like other Drama, contemporary dance, ballet and use to go to wood craft folk which is a bit like scouts.  The Picture above is a picture of our car in the camp site we stayed at called Coletirs Brook Farm, because there is a
brook that goes straight down next to it, I must  admit it was fun living in a camp site! Although some times I would get a little bit bored.


Friday, 24 October 2014


Last November Was Nanowrimo. (National Novel Writing Month) Its a thing on every year, basically you are writing a novel. its like a competion but you'r competing against you'r self. You set a word count goal and when you write the book you count how many words there is and if you go over the goal you are a winner. In October you plan what kind of book you'r going to write, in November you just write and afterwards, all the way to July the something,  you can edit what  you wrote. When you are done you can print it into an actual book, not one you sell in shops, but it dose get sold on amazon.  I did the young writers program  last year and I'm doing it again this year.

I'v Put the first chapter of the b book I did last year called "An Odyssey" on here:


It was a beautiful spring day and the sun was shining, the clouds were beautiful like purple mist rising from the lake and a rainbow higher than ever. The clouds made all sorts of animal shapes. Then they lowered down and the purple bird turned into a little chick. Me, Violet. I spent the day wondering, looking for shelter with no luck. It was getting dark and the moon came out.  I was in the wood in the middle of the night and I heard barking in the distance coming closer and closer. Then I saw something moving! It was crawling in a bush just a couple of meters away. It would jump out any moment. I ran and I shouted for help.
I couldn’t see it anymore I thought it was gone until from behind a tree jumped an orange brown coloured beast with long ears and green eyes. A fox! There was nowhere to run and no one to hear me so I shut my eyes tight but nothing happened. When I opened one eye I saw I was in the air rushing past trees. I saw the stars looking down on me and the moon. And I saw something different; the loving eyes of a sparrow carrying me over the trees in the chilling night. She silently flew to a nest where were two little sparrow chicks sleeping. Mother sparrow put me next to them and whispered "what were you doing in the dark?" but to me is sounded like "wan weleyo doding inte darkoko" and I was asleep.
I dreamt of living with this family. Or was this a trap? But if I lived here, what would I do? How would I talk? So many questions but almost no answers in my little head!  I can’t stop thinking of them. Next morning I was woken by the dawn choir which included all the sparrows in this tree. Unfortunately I did not understand a thing other than “ablaweka chopo chope arrenvnan.” From all the birds: sparrows, robins, tits, black birds, king fishers and lots more. The male sparrow who I guess was the dad came in and out with slugs, 

worms, ants and other bugs and insects which were for “Bebeke” or something like that. Now things started to get harder. I was sorry but I did not talk sparrow. “mi hama le Daffodil, maya ja Osco” said one of them shyly and I think she was telling me their names. I was lucky I understood the basics in a few weeks. I was adopted into this loving but nonsense talking family. I think I was called Violet but I am not sure. The most common game we would play was tag. Soon my siblings and I were young adults who still lived in the nest but would wonder about at day. I still did not understand them but loved the flock a lot. One summer morning I went out to have breakfast (or bebeke) and something unusual happened. 
In a valley among the hills our farm lies near a village, wedged between the forest and the loch. I live there working hard and I care for all the animals, for example the sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, horses and a cow. I live with Mum, Dad, Rosie, granny and grandpa. I tend to spend most of my time with the animals because mum dad, granny and grandpa argue all the time. They argue for example over whether dad should be the head of the house or not. I vote that the argument should stop, but I’m still on Mums and dads side. We three think that nobody should be bossed about by dad (or anybody) but anyway today was a day when everyone was arguing. I woke up and got outside, let the chickens out and then dad and I fed all the animals. Something we didn’t know was that in the house granny and grandpa started arguing with mum. By the time we got back dad joined mum in the fight. I went out again and walked the horses to their field and shepherded the sheep and I sat under the old olive tree when I noticed that my hazel whistle had broken. 
I found and excellent branch on the old olive and I broke the little branch so easily that you wouldn't hear the crack 3 meters away and after couple of hours it was finished. I tried to blow the whistle but no sound would come. Then I heard Rosie running up. She brought some lunch and we ate together. After lunch I left Rosie alone and trotted down to feed the ducks. I had forgotten about the whistle. The rest of the day was fantastic. We went to the market with mum and dad. Rosie and I were mostly interested in the animals while mum was more into food but at the end we ended up buying some leather for sewing and seeds for growing while the whistle with no sound was still in my pocket. The next day it was a whole day of working then at around noon I remembered to feed the ducks.

That was the first chapter of my book.  I'l put up some of the Web sites:
This is the young writers program which I used
This is he nanowrimo web site, which has the program for addults:
And this is were you can buy my book

Friday, 26 April 2013

Magical Birthdae

 I love Harry Potter so when it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago my parents gave me lots of magic things. I got a wand (it is just like Hemione's), Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, a book about King Arthur (and Merlin), fabric to make wizard robes and a quill & owl notebook. I also got a book called Wizardology and The Apprentices Handbook (but I can't tell you any more about them because it is a secret). What I can say is that my home education days are going to be fun from now on.

 When my friends came over for my party we turned my bedroom into the Gryffindor common room and ate my beans and chocolate frogs. We had spare wands (chopsticks) for my friend.

My favourite chocoltes in the world are After Eights so mum made an After Eight cake. It was chocolate cake with mint cream in the middle. Yum Yum Yum!

 It wasn't just an After Eight cake, it was a Harry Potter After Eight cake. It looks just like thecake Hagrid gave to Harry Potter (with the same spelling mistakes) when Harry found out he was a wizard.

Spring Photoshoot - Tavasz